What motivates you?

Fitness, nutrition and overall balance is something I’ve needed since I was very young. Through my own volition I experimented with pretty much every movement type, trendy or not, in order to learn what I needed for this body that I live in. 

The best way to live well in our current, intensely crazy time is to care for and cherish the body and mind you posess in this life. In order to help others learn how to do this I began to educate myself in these areas with the intention of acquiring the skills and certifications needed to be seen as a professional.

I’m currently undergoing a four-month teacher training journey through a classic form of yoga known as Rāja Yoga, which is the study of the philosophy of yoga (Samkhya) combined with actual practice. It’s truly a transformative experience that is changing my life, and I hope to one day help others use this practice to transform theirs as well.

I am a TRX-qualified trainer and will soon hold an actual TRX certification. Read more about this amazing functional training modality here.

I hold a Personal Trainer Certification from NESTA (2016) as a foundation for well-being work. I have been expanding upon this and will continue to do so to include speciality modality knowledge.

I hold a Fitness Nutrition Coach certification from NESTA as well (2016), and hope to expand upon this nutrition foundation to include more functional medicine and holistic approaches to nutrition.

I hold an instructor certification for Spinning® (2012). I value the experience this modality has given me as it relates to endurance and maximizing oxygen use during intense exercise.


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