What motivates you?

Fitness, nutrition and overall sanity is something my soul has searched since I was very young. Through my own volition I’ve experimented with many styles of movement, some trendy, some not, in an effort to learn what I need for this lifetime’s space suit . 

The best way to live well in our current, intensely crazy time is to care for and cherish the body and mind you posess in this life. I began to educate myself in the following areas with the intention of acquiring the skills and certifications needed to be seen as a professional, and help bring this vital information to the foreground so that it is the norm.

I am currently studying the art of coaching as defined by the Bulletproof Training Institute in their Human Potential coach training. By shifting to a state of presence, we are able to feel more, understand more and make subtle changes to our psyche that manifest into good habits, postive thought patterns and a healthy relationships.  Working with a coach can be a hugely transformative experience, an exploration into our deeper selves, revealing the true essence of our beings and our potential as humans. 

I studied yoga with Eben Oroz during a four-month teacher training. This journey took us through a classic form of yoga known as Rāja Yoga which is the study of the philosophy of yoga (Samkhya) combined with actual practice (meditation and asana). It was truly a transformative experience that changed my life, one which will be forever embeded into my daily rituals.

I am a TRX-qualified trainer and will soon hold an actual TRX certification. Read more about this amazing functional training modality here.

I hold a Personal Trainer Certification from NESTA (2016) as a foundation for well-being work. I have been expanding upon this and will continue to do so to include speciality modality knowledge.

I hold a Fitness Nutrition Coach certification from NESTA as well (2016), and hope to expand upon this nutrition foundation to include more functional medicine and holistic approaches to nutrition.

I hold an instructor certification for Spinning® (2012). I value the experience this modality has given me as it relates to endurance and maximizing oxygen use during intense exercise.


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